The British company Think Research together with the University Politehnica of Bucharest, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering organized on 25 January  2017 the ”Making SES Work for Romania” seminar.

Think Research were represented by Conor Mullan, Executive Director and Paul Ravenhill, Director, also by a young engineer, Mihai Ogică, UPB-FAE graduate, who works for Think Research for close to two years.

Single European Sky is an important EU policy designed to ensure that a modern, safe and cost effective ATM systems exists to support growth in Air Transport and the wider European Economy. The SES is based on taking steps at EU level for the benefit of the overall Network, often the focus is on providing additional capacity in the dense airspace in the core of Europe rather than ensuring the cohesion of European airspace as a whole and as an enabler of both local and global mobility.

The focus of this seminar is to initiate discussions on how the SES concepts can be applied within Romania to the benefit of the European and Romanian aviation market. The seminar is organized by the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering of the University Politehnica of Bucharest, in cooperation with the British company Think Research. Think Research is one of the key suppliers to NATS (for instance they implemented Time Based Separation at Remote Tower at Heathrow Airoport in London) and in the same time one of the perspective employers of the UPB-FAE graduates.

Think Research Seminar 2017 Agenda

Participants represented the Romanian Civil Aviation Authority, ROMATSA, Bucharest Airports National Company, the Ministry of Transport, Regional Air Services, CIAS (Romanian Aviation Safety Investigation Office), the Romanian-American University, professors and students from the UPB-FAE.



Extension of the exam session for last year

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PhD thesis defending

On 27.05.2020 at 16:00 PhD candidate Stefan ANTON will defend his thesis with title "Proiectarea și construirea unor machete la o scară favorabilă pentru a verifica pe rând criteriile de similitudine în vederea obținerii unor coeficienți de corecție în proiectarea...

Online Courses

According to the Decision of the Board of Directors of the UPB No. 14, from 11.03.2020, during the period 11-31.03.2020 the didactic activities will take place on-line. More details in the course forums at:

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Two job vacancies were announced by the Irish Aviation Authority, deadline 10 March 2020. Our graduates have been successful with their application at IAA in the past, so there is some goodwill gathered by our Alumni. <Details>

Student Scientific Session 2020

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Interview România Cultural

After 9 years, tomorrow, 18.02.2020, a new interview will take place with Mr. Conf. Petrișor Valentin Pârvu regarding the activity related to UAVs in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. The interview 9 years ago took place at the show Science Cafe, transmitted from...

Invitation to Conference

We are pleased to invite faculty and interested students to attend the International Conference: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT AND STORAGE OF ENERGY ICEESEN 2020, Kayseri, Turkey Why this conference? relatively small participation fee: 350EUR for...