We inform you that any change of group, after the beginning of the academic year, creates problems in the Moodle course site and in the Teams website, leading to the loss of access to courses and seminars. That is why such changes will not be approved and will not be made after the registration of the students in the courses. Obviously it will not be a problem, if you participate in seminars, laboratories or projects with another group. The only requirement from the faculty is to notify the teacher with whom you are doing the classes and the one who holds the course about this grim of yours. I hope you will not abuse it so as to unbalance the groups. It is recommended to find colleagues with whom to exchange, at parity, in order not to unbalance the group. I hope I made myself understood. If there are any concerns or problems please contact me. Vice-Dean Conf.dr.ing. Petrisor PARVU petrisor.parvu@upb.ro