Accounts for UPB Fees

BRD RO97BRDE410SV98068754100 All types of tuition fees
BCR RO69RNCB0723000506250269 Tuition fee
BCR RO77RNCB0723000506250319 Resits fees
BCR RO42RNCB0723000506250270 Registration fees
BCR RO50RNCB0723000506250320 Enrollment fees

In the BRD account all types of fees may be paid. At BCR there are distinct accounts for various types of fees.

Name and surname of the payer correspond to the student who pays. Please specify faculty and what does the payment represent. If the payment is done from the account of someone else (e.g. parent), additionally the complete name and surname of the student is mandatory!

Aflter payment, the students has the obligation to send by e-mail a proof of the operation to



Note for the Students of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering Who Pay Tuition Fee

The only method to transfer from a place with tuition fee to a place funded by the state budget is by enrolling in the July admission contest and obtaining a grade ranking within the number of places without tuition fee in the July session. Please, read also the Rules of Admission – Undergraduate. Warning! Higher education is free only once for each young person, in every cycle of studies (bachelor, master, doctoral). Those who have already studied without fee in another faculty lost the right to study without fee. Also, the students who intend to study in another faculty which has a much larger fee (e.g. the Air Force Academy) are advised to use their right there, and here to pay the fee.

The tuition fee is subsidized by the university in a sizable proportion, it does not cover all the university costs with a student. Therefore, those who want to transfer retroactively from no fee to fee (those in the above mentioned situation who want to occupy a place without fee at an university with much larger fees) should repay not only the annual tuition fee, but the amount of the whole subsidy from the state budget for their place, an amount which could be even double in some cases.



Important for FAE Students Who Repeat the Year

The applications to repeat the university year may be submitted at the Faculty Office under own signature until 27 September 2019, 2 pm. The Study Contracts will be accepted only after the first installment of the tuition fee has been paid.