The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering Council in the 14 May 2019 meeting decided the following:
The repeal of FAE-1 and FAE-2 Rules (described below) and their replacement with the mandatory attendance at the exam of the students who want to progress at a discipline with 50 points (or more). Exceptionally the Council decided that this takes effect immediately, since 14 May 2019.
The reason for this decision is not that the FAE-1 and FAE-2 Rules were wrong. Their application was not uniform though, and some discrepancies were created in the evaluation of students, causing tensions in the academic community.
On historical ground, we present below the repealed rules:

The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering Council in the 21 September 2017 meeting has introduced starting with the UY 2017-2018 the following additional simultaneous conditions for modules progression in the bachelor studies cycle:

FAE1. Required points for activities during the semester shall be at least half of the points awarded for these activities, to pass the module. 
FAE2. Required points for the final exam or test shall be at least half of the points awarded for it, to pass the module. 
For a module with final exam, the professor decides and informs the students that 50% of the points are awarded for activities during the semester and 50% for the final exam. The module may be passed with minimum 50 points out of which minimum 25 during the semester (FAE1 condition) and 25 at the exam (FAE2 condition).
For a module ending with a test, the professor announces 80% during the semester and 20% for the test. The module may be passed with minimum 50 points out of which 40 on course and 10 at the test.
If a student gets say 50 points during the semester and does not attend the exam, the module is failed with the mention ”absent”.
If a student gets say 60 points during the semester at a module which ends with a test in a 70/30 split and 10 points for the final test. the grade will be 4 and not 7, due to non compliance to the FAE2 rule.
If a student gets 50 points for a final exam paper in a module with 50/50 split, being absent the whole semester (consequently getting 0 points during the semester), will get 4 instead of 5, due to non compliance to the FAE1 rule.
If a student gets say 80 points during the semester for a module ending with a test in a 80/20 split scheme and is absent at the final test, the module will be failed with the mention ”absent”, due to non compliance to the FAE2 rule.
This rule shall be applied by all teaching staff in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, regardless of their affiliation.
This rule was introduced in the interest of students, to encourage students participation in the classroom, a good quality of the education process, and the exigence of the professors, which is required in a cutting edge technology field.
This rule was made public to the academic community at the beginning of the UY 2017-2018. The rule is applicable within the provision of the Article 16, Paragraph (4) of the Rules of Undergraduate Studies.




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