Results of the Traian Lalescu National Competition in Mathematics (national phase)

Awards of the students of the University Politehnica of Bucharest

Section B

1st Prize – Alexandru Bratei, 1st Year, Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Materials Science

2nd Prize – Cristian Pavel, 1st Year, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science

Section C

1st Prize – Delia Vițelaru, 1st Year, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

2nd Prize – Marius Armeanu, 1st Year, Faculty of Transports

Section D

1st Prize – Cătălin Ristea, 2nd Year, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology

3rd Prize – Emanuel Necula, 2nd Year, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science

Mention – Maria Micu, 1st Year, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science

Section E

2nd Prize – George Ciauş, 2nd Year, Faculty of Applied Sciences

3rd Prize – Gabriela Stroe, 2nd Year, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

Also, the 1st Year FAE students Mihai Vlăduț Hothazie and Alexandru Florin Ciocan got mentions at the national phase. All our three students represented the University Politehnica of Bucharest at the national phase from the position of prize winners at the previous university phase.




Online Courses

According to the Decision of the Board of Directors of the UPB No. 14, from 11.03.2020, during the period 11-31.03.2020 the didactic activities will take place on-line. More details in the course forums at:

Student Scientific Session 2020

This year the student scientific session will be held on Friday, May 8, 2020. E. Carafoli Department will organize section 09-01 Aircraft, Propulsion Systems and Air Navigation. N. Tipei Department will organize 09-02 Aviation Equipment, Facilities and Aviation...

Interview România Cultural

After 9 years, tomorrow, 18.02.2020, a new interview will take place with Mr. Conf. Petrișor Valentin Pârvu regarding the activity related to UAVs in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. The interview 9 years ago took place at the show Science Cafe, transmitted from...

Invitation to Conference

We are pleased to invite faculty and interested students to attend the International Conference: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT AND STORAGE OF ENERGY ICEESEN 2020, Kayseri, Turkey Why this conference? relatively small participation fee: 350EUR for...

Fokker Academy 2020

Fokker Academy was established in March 2017, in the wake of signing the Partnership between UPB Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and GKN Fokker Engineering Romania. In the Fokker Academy, our students learn to design directly from highly experienced engineers,...