Flying practice in the Year II summer has been a tradition of this faculty since the beginning until the 90s. It matters a lot to an aviation engineer to take the stick in his / her own hand, to understand the difficulty of flying, to feel directly the emotion and the fascination of flying.

From 2017 we resume flying practice, with the support of Ministry of National Education, the Romanian Airclub, Euroavia Bucharest, and of a number of sponsors. We have 60 places for August-September 2017.

The flying practice is optional. The Year 2 students who want to register are invited to do so at, mentioning the time interval they are able to participate (between 20 August and 25 September), where would they prefer (Bucharest-Clinceni, Ploiești-Strejnic or Brașov-Sânpetru), whether they have previous flying experience or not. Only students who ended the 2nd Year with at most one fail will be accepted. If more than 60 eligible students will apply, the places will be attributed in average grade descending order.


Images from the first flights of the students after 25 years of discontinuity of the flight practice, on 27-29 august 2017 at Clinceni Aerodrome. We are grateful to the Ministry of National Education, Aeroclubului României and Euroavia for involvelent in the success of these first flights. We thank the instructors for the professionalism and dedication in training our students. One never forgets the first flight! După această primă grupă de 10 studenți, urmează alte două grupe în luna septembrie 2017. Reacții ale studenților: ”Cea mai tare experienta din facultate”; ”Astăzi am zburat alături de un pilot instructor de acrobație. A fost super!”; ”Sper sa se bucure si ceilalti cel putin pe jumatate din cat ne-am bucurat si am ras noi, au fost super si instructorii si planoristii, foarte atenti si grijulii cu noi”.


Extension of the exam session for last year

Considering that all the results of the verification have been announced, we are waiting until May 30, at 8 pm, on the faculty mail, proposals for data to reschedule these subjects (year 4, second semester) for week 01.06-05.06.2020. The proposal will contain the name...

PhD thesis defending

On 27.05.2020 at 16:00 PhD candidate Stefan ANTON will defend his thesis with title "Proiectarea și construirea unor machete la o scară favorabilă pentru a verifica pe rând criteriile de similitudine în vederea obținerii unor coeficienți de corecție în proiectarea...

Online Courses

According to the Decision of the Board of Directors of the UPB No. 14, from 11.03.2020, during the period 11-31.03.2020 the didactic activities will take place on-line. More details in the course forums at:

Irish Aviation Authority – 2 job vacancies

Two job vacancies were announced by the Irish Aviation Authority, deadline 10 March 2020. Our graduates have been successful with their application at IAA in the past, so there is some goodwill gathered by our Alumni. <Details>

Student Scientific Session 2020

This year the student scientific session will be held on Friday, May 8, 2020. E. Carafoli Department will organize section 09-01 Aircraft, Propulsion Systems and Air Navigation. N. Tipei Department will organize 09-02 Aviation Equipment, Facilities and Aviation...

Interview România Cultural

After 9 years, tomorrow, 18.02.2020, a new interview will take place with Mr. Conf. Petrișor Valentin Pârvu regarding the activity related to UAVs in the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering. The interview 9 years ago took place at the show Science Cafe, transmitted from...

Invitation to Conference

We are pleased to invite faculty and interested students to attend the International Conference: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT AND STORAGE OF ENERGY ICEESEN 2020, Kayseri, Turkey Why this conference? relatively small participation fee: 350EUR for...