S.C. AEROSTAR S.A. BACĂU, AERONAUTICAL INDUSTRY GROUP involved in designing, construction, maintenance and modernization of civil and military aircraft, intend to hire at least 20 UPB-FAE aviation engineers in the course of the year 2017.

For this purpose, the UPB-FAE management together with the representatives of S.C. Aerostar S.A. Bacău invite the 3rd and 4th Year students to attend the meeting with the company presentation and the job proposition, Thursday 25 May 2017, 10 am in the I013 Room. The job proposition concerns mostly activities in the civil and military aircraft maintenance.

The Dean Office of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering together with Aerostar S.A. organize this extremely important event. FIA considers Aerostar S.A. as a leader of the Romanian aerospace industry, and even a regional leader in Europe, with excellent perspectives to develop and grow. Our young graduates have outstanding career opportunities.




NUU Groups Changes

We inform you that any change of group, after the beginning of the academic year, creates problems in the Moodle course site and in the Teams website, leading to the loss of access to courses and seminars. That is why such changes will not be approved and will not be...

Operational Procedures

PO privind acordarea burselor si a altor forme de sprijin material pentru studenti PO privind cazarea studentilor in camine PO privind circuitul documentelor PO privind completarea registrului matricol pentru ciclul de studii de licenta PO privind completarea...

Extension of the exam session for last year

Considering that all the results of the verification have been announced, we are waiting until May 30, at 8 pm, on the faculty mail, proposals for data to reschedule these subjects (year 4, second semester) for week 01.06-05.06.2020. The proposal will contain the name...

PhD thesis defending

On 27.05.2020 at 16:00 PhD candidate Stefan ANTON will defend his thesis with title "Proiectarea și construirea unor machete la o scară favorabilă pentru a verifica pe rând criteriile de similitudine în vederea obținerii unor coeficienți de corecție în proiectarea...

Online Courses

According to the Decision of the Board of Directors of the UPB No. 14, from 11.03.2020, during the period 11-31.03.2020 the didactic activities will take place on-line. More details in the course forums at: http://aero.curs.pub.ro