Alumni Politehnica Aerospace Engineering


The treasury of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering is represented by its graduates, and we would love to work together to recover and to preserve it. Starting with the Golden Book of the Faculty written by Professor Virgil Stanciu, Dean 2008-2016, we have compiled the graduates database. The registration of the graduates in the association will hopefully facilitate the enhancement, the update, and the eventual correction of the database.

The aviation higher education in the University Politehnica of Bucharest has a tradition of almost 90 years. The first generations of aviation engineers were the graduates of the Aviation Section of the Faculty of Mechanics and Electricity (1930-1941), of the Faculty of Electro-Mechanics (1946-1947), and of the Faculty of Mechanics (1948-1971), respectively. The Faculty of Aerospace Constructions yields its first series of graduates in 1972. After just two years, in 1974, the faculty changes its name in the Faculty of Aircraft, and in 1996 the current name is established: Faculty of Aerospace Engineering.






Student Scientific Communication Session 2024

We invite you to participate in the "Student Scientific Communications Session" that will take place on May 10. To participate, you need to register by 18 April, 14:00, by sending an e-mail to If you have a mentor teacher, you will need to send...

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                      On March 2, 2024 AeroConnectMeetings, an event dedicated to Aerospace Engineering where students from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering had the opportunity to interact with leading...

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Students interested in drones are invited to join the new created EELISA community for Flight Tests and Experimental Models in cooperation with Istanbul Technical University. First intended action is an international contest for drones. More details will be available...

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NUU Groups Changes

We inform you that any change of group, after the beginning of the academic year, creates problems in the Moodle course site and in the Teams website, leading to the loss of access to courses and seminars. That is why such changes will not be approved and will not be...

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EELISA Contest

Do you want to become an European engineer? Start with a participation to the following contest: I EELISA Science Fiction Contest: open for submissions until OCTOBER 8th! Next, ask vice dean Petrisor Parvu about UPB-ITA EELISA community  tentative to enroll.

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Operational Procedures

PO privind acordarea burselor si a altor forme de sprijin material pentru studenti PO privind cazarea studentilor in camine PO privind circuitul documentelor PO privind completarea registrului matricol pentru ciclul de studii de licenta PO privind completarea...

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