The Faculty of Aerospace Engineering students will be accommodated in Building P27 Regie Campus (including the 5th floor). The students already staying there over summer must check out between 11 and 15 September 2017. On 11 September, the Romanians from Everywhere will be registered. On 18 September 9 am in the Senate Room the accommodation delegates will be trained.

Accommodation in campus is done during the week before the beginning of the University Year, according to a daily schedule. The distribution of the accommodation places is decided by the Faculty Accommodation Committee. The priority order for accommodation is the following:

  • doctoral students and teaching staff (20 Sep 2017 9 am)
  • all students admitted in the 1st Year Master + Bachelor (in descending order of their admission grade 20 Sep 2017 9 am)
  • students who passed all modules in the 4th, 3rd Year Bachelor and 2nd Year Master + Bachelor (in descending order of their average grade in the previous year – 21 September 2017 9 am)
  • students with a single failed subject (22 Sep 2017 9 am)
  • students with two failed subjects (22 Sep after the previous batch is completed)
  • etc.

The distribution algorithm continues until all rooms allotted to the faculty are given.

The interested students shall gather in the F024 amphitheater from POLIZU campus, F Building, at the time which will be indicated, to get information and fill the required forms. Then, the accommodation place is allotted at the Faculty Office in POLIZU campus, A Building, according to the schedule which will be announced. After receiving the place and paying the fees, the students may go to the P27 Building in Regie Campus to check in.

Accommodation fees are the same as last year i. e. 250 RON monthly with legal deductions, with the exception of buildings D (Leu Campus) and P12 at 450 RON monthly. For these latter accommodation, only doctoral students and teaching staff are entitled. The request should be addressed directly to the UPB General Manager.

For accommodation, the following items are required:

  • ID and an ID copy;
  • Standard Forms (available in F024) filled according to a model;
  • The 250 lei fee and a 5 lei fiscal stamp (may be purchased in the campus). For October, all students pay the accommodation fee;
  • Documents to justify eventual exemption of the accommodation fee (certificate that at least one of the parents is a teacher, death certificate for a parent etc.).

Attention! Sublet, sale or transfer in any form of the accommodation place are strictly forbidden! Persons in the campus are frequently identified and such an offense is quickly discovered and punished.




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