Master Programs


For advanced study and master’s degree, the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering offers seven masters degree programs in Aerospace Engineering and one in Industrial Engineering (GID), full-time education, 2 years, 120 ECTS transferable credits:

 Study programAcronymDomainLanguageDepartmentDD / SPO*CurriculumSyllabus
1Aeronautical and Space StructuresSASIARomanian"Elie Carafoli" Aerospace Sterian Dănăilădownloaddownload
2Aerospace Propulsion and Environmental ProtectionPAPMIARomanian"Elie Carafoli" Aerospace Sterian Dănăilă / Virgil STANCIUdownloaddownload
3Avionics and Aerospace NavigationANAIARomanian "Nicolae Tipei" Aeronautical Systems Mihail STOICAdownloaddownload
4Engineering and Aerospace ManagementIMASIARomanian"Nicolae Tipei" Aeronautical Systems Mihail STOICA / Sorin Eugen ZAHARIAdownloaddownload
5Air Transport EngineeringITAIAEnglish"Elie Carafoli" Aerospace Sterian Dănăilă / Octavian Thor PLETERdownloaddownload
6Engineering Graphics and DesignGIDIIRomanianEngineering Graphics and Industrial Ionel Simiondownloaddownload
7Holistic Space SystemsSHSIARomanian"Elie Carafoli" Aerospace Sterian Dănăilă / Teodor Viorel Chelarudownload
8Aeronautical ManagementMAIARomanian"Nicolae Tipei" Aeronautical Systems Mihail STOICA / Sorin Eugen ZAHARIAdownloaddownload

*Departmental Director (DD) / Study Program Officer (SPO) – if distinct