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Attention 3rd Year students who do internship stages during summer: on 11 September 2017 9 am you will take the internship final test at the Faculty with your professor / responsible of internship (see the table below, depending on the program of studies). The students will submit:

  1. Internship certificate from the employer, to certify that the intern worked for 12 weeks 6 hours daily at least;
  2. The internship tutor report (with a suggestion of a grade);
  3. Individual student report, with a review of the organization, what he/she did there, which tasks were given, how did he/she cope, how did he/she integrate, respond to the requirements, what are the accomplishments. The report is supported by the internship notebook.

Considering these data, the internship responsible professor grades the Internship stage and awards the 6 Credit Points. In absence of the documents above, internship module is failed. Redoing the internship implies redoing the whole 3rd Year, since normally there is no room in the university calendar for 12 weeks until graduation.

Internship Responsible Professors 2017

Construcții Frunzulica
Sisteme de Crunteanu
Echipamente si Instalatii de Barbelian Mihai

Inginerie si Management Aeronautic

as. ing. Dinu
Navigație Stefanescu

Internship Placements 2017

(in alphabetic order)
Aeroclubul României – București / Clinceni
Aerostar – Bacău
Air Bucharest – București
Airbus Helicopters Romania – Ghimbav, Brașov
Assystem Romania – București
Austro Control – Viena
Blue Air – București
DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung – Langen, Frankfurt
eXcent Romania – București
Gelvalco Industrial – Brănești
GMV Romania – București
ID center – Donauwörth, Augsburg
Menzies Aviation – Otopeni
RAS Regional Air Services – Otopeni / Tuzla
Romaero – București
ROMATSA – București
Safran Group – Toulouse
Școala Superioară de Aviație Civilă – București / Strejnic
TAROM – Otopeni
Toyo Aviation – București
Universal Alloy Corp. – Baia Mare

Forms 2017


Openings at the Aeroclubul României

  Courtesy of CEO pilot eng. George Rotaru (alumnus of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering) we announce that Aeroclubul României looks to hire young aerospace engineers. Details (in Romanian) . Aeroclubul României is an important aviation organization,...

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Presentations and Projects of students

Presentations and Projects of Students On the 9th of January 2019 students of the first year of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, the Air Navigation Department presented the final project for the Introduction to Aerospace Engineering course held by the dean of the...

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Students Wanted at the Fokker Academy

  Fokker Academy was established in March 2017, in the wake of signing the Partnership between UPB Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and GKN Fokker Engineering Romania. In the Fokker Academy, our students learn to design directly from highly experienced engineers,...

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Sponsorship S.C. AEROSTAR S.A. Bacau

Sponsorship S.C. AEROSTAR S.A. Bacau On Monday, 20 November 2018, the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering received from S.C. AEROSTAR S.A. Bacau company a sponsorship that comprises cargo aircraft components (taken out of use), such as: actuator for the landing gear,...

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Liviu Librescu

Liviu Librescu – the hero from Virginia Tech University- Liviu Librescu is one of the most renowned graduates of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering from Bucharest, with which we pride ourselves for his academic successes and honors received, but especially for his...

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Lion Air Crash Accident

                                                         LION  AIR  CRASH ACCIDENT The 29th of October 2018 stood up in recent aviation history as the day the unexpected occurred -a brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed into the Java Sea. Lion Air Flight JT610, operated...

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GKN Fokker Engineering Romania

  GKN FOKKER ENGINEERING ROMÂNIA hires aerospace engineers. In 2016 we signed a strategic partnership with this prestigious company, which has over ten years of activity in Romania, with many accomplishments in latest generation aircraft design, employing our...

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